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Beautifull Bhajans At Olympic Bondi Beach


BONDI BEACH, Sep 23 (VNN) — Beautifull Bhajans have now been chanted on the last sunday of each month in Sydney for Sixteen months.The original aim was to build up to a massive kirtan at the 2000 Olympics.

We are now in the middle of the most auspicious Olympics in living memory.Sydney looks wonderful and everyone is in a very happy spirit and nowhere more than at Bondi Beach which is the site of the Olympic volley ball.Right next to the volley ball stadium is the regular site of "Beautifull Bhajans at Bondi Beach".

If you have not yet made it to these bhajans this is the time to make your entrance.Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

This is the sort of programme Srila Prabhupada wanted all his Disciples and grand disciples to take full advantage of.Can you really imagine Srila Prabhupada wanting us all to miss this opportunity to chant the holy names to a world audience that is at Bondi Beach now.The entire world media is looking around Bondi and Sydney for exciting news.Let's give them something to report of a transcendental nature.This is the real GOLD.


Hope to see you all at Bondi Beach this Sunday 24th September 2000 on the grass at the beach opposite Hall Street.

Starts at 2.00 pm Sharp.Don't try to drive there as there is no parking available and massive fines if you do park.Best to drive to Bondi Junction and catch a bus.They are leaving every 2 minutes from the junction.

My mobile number is 0404 073 725 if you can't find us.We will have a live audience of at least 20,000 so leave yourself time.

If you have musical instruments please bring them.

After the Bhajans we will be heading to the Sunday Feast at the North Sydney Temple and will try to arrange transport for anyone who needs it.


Your aspiring servants

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