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Jadurani dd's Visit To Saranagati


SARANAGATI, B.C., Jun 25 (VNN) — All Glories to Sri Guru & Gauranga!
All Glories to All the assembled devotee's
Jai Srila Prabhupada.

Please acept my humble obeisances.

Syamarani dd's visit to all three locations gave a tremendous preaching spirit boost to all the vaisnav devotee's of the Lord. Personally, I had not seen her since 1969 in Boston where I was initiated by Srila Prabhupada, at which time she was married to Satsvarupa das....In Victoria B.C, she spent three days staying at the home of Trilokanath and Mahojvala prabhu's, where she gave class, or darshan is more like it for myself.

Her pleasant, smiling faced speaking abilities on the vaisnav topics, is, during class and at other spontaneous times, a most enlightening, intense and enjoyable experience. I had the immense pleasure of hearing her last talk on Salt Spring island in a large yurt at the property of Govinda dasi, alias Gita dd, preceeded by kirtan, led by Vikash prabhu, and participated in by myself and other guests attending. Some twenty mode of goodness yogic like devoted persons came as guests.

(Salt Spring island is partly known for it's Ba Ba Hari das yoga center and the many mode of goodness vegetarian people living there..Apparently, Robin Williams, and Al Pacino, just to mention two famous hollywood personalites, have homes there..The B.C ferry authorities have just recently doubled or tripled the size of the ferry boats taking people to & from the island..)

Due to the efforts of mother Mahovala, a large delicious, and sumptuous feast was honoured by all both after the talk by Syamarani dd, and the next day of course.. I can not stress enough, how wonderfully filled with vedic vasnav knowledge, was Syamarani's riveting class..She covered the whole material creation, from the atom to the hexatom seen streaming through the window, in the sunlight, to the extremes of the material creation, (depicting the three Vishnu forms), and then beyond to Vakuntha, and Krsna loka..She also included the wonderful glories of chanting the Holy Names of the Lord, and how finally the potent Holy Names take over the heart of the chanter ...She explained how the Female Personalities of Laksmi and Radharani, enthuse and give Energy to respectivly, Lord Narayan, and Lord Krsna..

My first question to Syamarani dd after her lecture, was, "did you get reinitiated ? ", to which she "strongly" replied that, "no, it is a great offense to take reinitiation".."My new name is like an affectionate nickname". She is highly loved and appreciated by most devotee's who meet her for the first time, (such as Sudarshan, the temple president of our local Princess street temple in Victoria, openned by Dhutidhar swami), or those who have known her from the past like Ananda prabhu, who was initiated in Boston by Srila Prabhupada in 1968, and who attended her three talks at mother Mahojvala and Trilokanaths prabhu's home..Sudharshan prabhu became so enlivenned that he is off to Alachua for the up comming visit of Narayan maharaj, who had re enthused Syamarani dd in 1992. She says that the preaching mood rekindled by Narayan maharaj, is like a rejuvination of Srila Prabhupada's preaching spirit..

The twenty one year old son of Trilokanath prabhu, whose name is Jayanada prabhu, is also fired up to go see Narayan maharaj, and by the kindness of Govinda dd, was given free air pasasage..He had literally fallen on the floor in front of her, in a mood of exasperation, in searching for Krsna..

One hour before ferry departure from Salt Spring island, we all had the pleasure of meeting up with Bhakta Sun, and our godbrother Miniketan prabhu, who had done service with mother Jadurani years ago, and for whom she had fond memories..

Syamarani's visit to the thirty acre Swami Mills of Saranagati brought loving appreciations from Syamarani prabhu on the very nice preaching efforts of Dhutidhar swami, and so much did he like her energy that several cases of Srila Narayan maharaj's books are presently on route to Swami Mills...She stayed at the home of our wonderful godsister, mother Pracetana, and also visited with the famous and always fired up mother Yamuna, who has recently completed construction of her house at Saranagati .

The second major realization gleaned from again meeting Syamarani dd, is that the spiritual world is unlimited, and that there is no limit to the number of instructing spiritual masters that we make take further knowledge from..She said, that like Srila Prabhupada, her understanding of Srila Narayan maharaj, is that he also has descended from the spiritual world, (shaktavesha avatar), to assist, and encourage us all in going back to Godhead..She further pointed out that Srila Prabhupada, before leaving this world, had requested some of his exalted godbrothers to go on preaching to His new "monkey like" Krsna conscious disciples world wide, which He is now doing world wide, as is mother Syamarani who is to visit Croatia and Russia for this purpose..

Mother Syamarani fully surrendered to the last most recent ekadasi by fasting even from water all day at Saranagati, and neither did mother Yamuna cook on that day. According to mother Mahojvala, Syamarani prabhu had to be carried as she was so weak from fasting..This represents to myself, a fully surrendered soul, and also for taking the risk to travel to such war disturbed places such as Russia and Crotia simply for preaching Krsna consciousness, the Prime necessity forgotten by all us conditioned souls ..

All Glories to our stalwart, traveling, and purely preaching god sister Syamarani prabhu !!! She is the best result of Srila Prabhupada's preaching efforts that I have seen, and most importantly heard from, since our most beloved spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, was with us...

Still, all the words of Lord Krsna and Srila Prabhupada are the Absolute Truth, and therefore ever-fresh ! Entering the spiritual world is not a rote or mechanical process, it is an unlimited and ever expanding process which we must all be open to hearing from..Syamarani dd said that the first time she heard from Srila Narayan maharaj in 1991, nothing much happened to her, but that on the second occasion in 1992, she nearly fainted !!! We all devotee's, must always guard ourselves against becomming sectarean, which "Lord Chaitanya" said, is the {foremost} enemy of Krsna consciousness.. This principle of "sanatan dharma" is to be continually researched by us all, so that we may always remain open to receiving Lord Krsna's mercy..Where ever it comes from, we want that !!!

your servant
Satyahit das,
reporting from Victoria British Columbia, Canada..

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