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RSS Chief Favours Code Of Conduct Based On Hindu Philosophy


INDIA, Mar 18 (VNN) — NEW DELHI: The new RSS chief KS Sudarshan favours a new code of conduct (dharma) based on the Hindu philosophy and a "Hindu way of development" in India, which is passing through a "transitional" period. In an interview to the RSS mouthpiece 'Organiser', he also said India is a "Hindu Rashtra", which is based on Dharma, reports PTI.

“Efforts are on in various forums to evolve a consensus code. Let there be an endeavour to bring forth a Hindu way of development.”

"Its identity lies in one motherland, one sanskriti (culture), common ancestry and heritage and unity in diversity. It is these three that constitute the national culture.

The mode of worship can differ from person to person," he said. Holding that not only India but the whole world was undergoing a radical change, Sudarshan said India is passing through a transitional period.

"The Sangh grew on the basis of Hindu philosophy (chintan). It is now necessary to frame a new code of conduct again based on the same philosophy. And what should be that code? "Efforts are on in various forums to evolve a consensus code. Let there be an endeavour to bring forth a Hindu way of development. We also have to find out how we can accelerate the process," he said.

Recalling RSS founder Hedgewar's dream of a Hindu society free from fear and devoid of dissensions, Sudarshan said "the Sangh cannot be an obstacle in the country becoming organised.

"Our opponents do not subscribe to this view.

They seldom think holistically of the country, the people, the economy and development," he said. The new RSS chief said when the first chief of the organgisation initiated the Sangh work, people used to fight shy of calling themselves Hindu.

"At the end of 1989 the situation had undergone a total metamorphosis. A symbol of communist philosophy, the Berlin wall, was being dismantled brick by brick. At the same time India was witnessing the 'shilanyas' at Ramjanmabhoomi, which in a sense was a symbol of the nation as an edifice. "The incident instilled a new found self-confidence in Hindus. However, when the new order was taking shape, some anti-Hindutva elements had ganged up in total disregard of this sublimation of society. Of course it is going to be the last gasp of those haunted by the spectre of defeat."

Claiming that the anti-Hindutva elements had already anticipated it and were fighting only to lose, Sudarshan said during the term of his predecessor Rajendra Singh, pro-Hindutva forces had gained strength in every sphere of their activity.

He said ABVP, VHP, BMS and Vidya Bharati were all independent bodies and their combined strength was now quite formidable. "I am confident this will grow with greater force in the coming days."

Asked why some people were "allergic" to the talk of Hindutva by the Sangh when no one objected to the "championing" of Hindutva by Gandhiji and Swami Vivekananda, Sudarshan said "For the the past 50 years we have been going along the wrong way. Today, we are in the process of changing our track.

"Even the otherwise confused people have come to believe in Hindutva. Inspite of all the opposition, the Sangh is firmly attached to the soil, the basic and the culture of this land. ...... There is yet another epic war between Hindus and anti-Hindus, a veritable Mahabharat in which sometime Abhimunya will fall, sometime Ghatotkacha or it may be Jayadratha's turn yet another day.

"As prophesised by Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi, this country's honour is surely going to shine forth one day," he said.

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