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January 20, 2000   VNN5307  Comment on this story

Bondi Beach Bhajans


USA, Jan 20 (VNN) — Sunday 30th January and last sunday every month.

The 'Bhajan Yogis' with Dwaipayana leading will again be giving a public performance at 2pm on the grass at Bondi Beach.The emphasis is on public participation and so the bhajans we chant are melodious and simple to follow.

If you haven't chanted congregationally outdoors for some time you owe it to yourself to experience the taste of being freed from the nasty little ego even if only for a couple of hours.Only sankirtan can give this taste so please don't deprive yourself. This is the yuga dharma prescribed by Lord Chaitanya and is considered 'cool' by all yogis including the jnanis and mystics who favour Bondi for their meditations.

Hari Bol all. See you at Bondi Beach on sunday 30th 2.00 PM

Your servant

Chittahari. 02 9332 3725

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