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USA (VNN) - Many news topics featured on VNN result in lively discussions and debate on these topics. We apologize to the many VNN readers that have sent letters and other submissions that we have not been able to publish in a timely fashion.

Many VNN readers have asked to allow debate and discussions on the many topics that move the Vaishnava community today. You asked - we listened.

Readers can now directly post messages, join ongoing discussions, communicate with other Vaishnavas worldwide and instantly be heard by the world Vaishnava community.

VNN forums are kept as open as possible. The discussion forums are not moderated but will be monitored by VNN Moderators.

There are 3 main forums
VNN News Talk Discussions on current news topics
VNN Forums Discussions on current issues
VNN Istagosthi General discussions on any topic or scheduled meetings

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