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Motorcycle Yoga


PUBLICATION, Dec 9 (VNN) — The just-published book, Motorcycle Yoga, is sort of a two-wheeling Krishna conscious chronicle of my motorcycle journeys through Central India over the past twenty years. Published by my organization, the International Institute of Indology, the book (144 pages, 37 b&w illus., color cover, edited by Dr. R. Gupta, formatted by Bookwrights and printed in the USA) is available for $16.00 +$2.00 postage from I.I.I., Inc, 1303 Columbus Ave. San Francisco CA 94133, 415.567.8990 or pavandas@aol.com. Checks should be made payable to Miles Davis, phone orders using credit cards are accepted. Using the motorcycle as a vehicle, Motorcycle Yoga introduces our Krishna conscious philosophy to the world's traditionally solitary set of motorcycle wanderers and other travelers. Travelers are often more than wanderers: many are searchers. Ultimately all living entities are seeking Krishna, the only True Shelter of every living entity, and having learned this essential truth from Shrila Prabhupada, we have a duty to share this open secret of Krishna consciousness with others in palatable ways.

The book mixes humor with harsh facts, travel with philosophy, and the ways of the world with sagacious vision. Written under my legal name, Miles Davis, Motorcycle Yoga has been listed in the world's largest motorcycle book catalogue, Whitehorse Press (www.whitehorsepress.com). Members of the media have received and reviewed it well both in India and here in the States. A popular SF talk show host on KLLC Radio Alice said "Motorcycle Yoga takes the reader from a twist of the throttle to the secrets of the Universe." Ed Youngblood, a past nineteen-year President of the American Motorcyclist Association and author of several books called Motorcycle Yoga "compelling" in the book's Afterword. Although Motorcycle Yoga has only been out a few days, several devotees have read it. Vaikunthanath das said, "Other than Prabhupada's books, Motorcycle Yoga is the best book I've ever read." Vaisheshika das said, "My wife and I are utterly charmed by Motorcycle Yoga. This is wonderful preaching." Rajendra Diwe of Nagpur's The Hitwada newspaper graciously wrote, "I know the writer as a rider who possesses the qualities of four yogas: Karma (endeavor), Raja (mysticism), Jnana (philosophy) and Bhakti (devotion)." It is my hope that others including my Godbrothers and sisters (and cousins) will likewise enjoy Motorcycle Yoga's unique approach of sharing the true philosophy of India with the world.

My earlier books such as, Chanakya Niti-shastra, Shri Pushpanjali, Vraja Mandala Darshan and What Is Your Rashi? have all been aimed at very select audiences. With Motorcycle Yoga, I have tried to broaden that scope just a bit, while keeping the essential Krishna conscious message, as taught by our acharya Shrila Prabhupada, undiluted and intact. All the essences my beloved spiritual master held paramount are there in Motorcycle Yoga: the holy name as yuga-dharma, varnashram-dharma, bhakti-yoga, Bhagavad Gita, and Lord Shri Krishna who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. After many years of wandering around India, I picked up quite a few interesting adventures, many in places not seen by a foreigner in living memory, and these adventures are narrated as a backdrop to the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. Thanks for considering it as your next read.

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