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Controlling Spiritual Emotion


EDITORIAL, Sep 25 (VNN) — (from Sanga wfd@efn.org)

RE: Q&A: 'controlling spiritual emotion'

Our readers write. Replies by Swami B.V. Tripurari.

Q u e s t i o n: Re: Sri Radha:'Indirectly the Absolute' (Sanga 9/16) It is somehow troubling that the explaination that is given for seemingly indirect mention of Simate Radharani in the Bhagavatam is that the all powerful sage, Sukadev Goswami could not control his emotion just at the mention of Sirmate Radharani's name but it was somewhat OK for him to mention her indirectly. These sages are always in meditation on the Supreme Lord and his Consort (in this case Srimate Radharani) Hence, how are we to understand this?

Caitanya Mahaprabhu's intense love for Lord Sri Krishna brought him into trance very often. Does it mean that he tried avoiding speaking the name of Krishna directly? For Mahaprabhu did speak and propagate the glories of Krishna throughout his lifespan. - Dasanudassan Raj

A n s w e r: The point is that Sukadeva needed to control his spritual emotion in order to avoid entering a trance because he had only seven days to instruct the King. He was narrating the spiritual climax of Krishna lila, not merely preaching the glories of Krishna, when the occasion to mention Sri Radha occured.

Mahaprabhu's trance experience occured primarily in Puri after his preaching came to an end. Otherwise, controling spiritual emotion for the sake of preaching is the standard of the Gaudiya Saraswat sampradaya.

Q u e s t i o n: I have read your book 'Aesthetic Vedanta: the Sacred Path of Passionate Love' with great pleasure, and I have a question. Regarding the age of Lord Krsna when He performed His rasa lila; sometimes it is said He was around eleven, but I believe you stated He was fifteen plus years.

Could you please clarify this? I find your Hari katha very informative, inspiring and potent. I sincerely feel that Srila Prabhupada would be very pleased by your strong, non-sectarian preaching. - Madhukanta dasa (ACBS)

A n s w e r: Krishna is mature for his age. Thus he is considered to be one and a half times his age. Although he was formally in his tenth year at the time of the rasa lila, in terms of maturity he was fifteen. The first hint of Krishna's maturity is given in the Bhagavata, wherein Sukadeva tells Maharaja Pariksit that Krishna began crawling 'very soon' after Gargamuni performed the name giving ceremony for Nanda's sons, Krishna and Balarama.

At this time, Krishna was only a few months old yet he began crawling about, 'kalena vrajatalpena gokule rama kesavau janubhyam saha panibhyam ringamanau vijahratuh'. Soon thereafter he very quickly began walking.

Sukadeva says, 'kalenalpena rajarse ramah krsnas ca gokule'. Within a very short time (kalenalpena) both Balarama and Krishna, while still in Gokula, 'aghrsta-janubhih padbhir vicakramamatur anjasa' 'very easily began walking on their legs without having to crawl.'

Direct your questions and comments to Q&A http://www.swami.org, or to 'Sanga' wfd@efn.org.

[Reprinted with permission from Sanga 9/19/99 http://www.swami.org]

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