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May 13, 1999   VNN3853  

Third Open Letter To The GBC 1999


EDITORIAL, May 13 (VNN) — Court cases and thinking ahead

In recent days I have received mail inviting myself and others to join together in a class action litigation case against the Movement and leadership of Iskcon.

Even though the anger of many has understandable reasons and the guilt of the leaders of Iskcon has even been superficially admitted by Iskcon leaders themselves, we should think twice about the effect such a court case would have.

If Iskcon leaders would change their hostile behavior against Vaisnavas of other missions and ex-members with critical views now in order to save Iskcon from this court case it could not even be considered a sincere change of heart.

Maybe they will even now continue the same way and just bury themselves under the ruins of all the hard work done by thousands of devotees over all these years.

Their couldn't be a more horrible picture then that to realize that Kali Yuga is really in full charge of this age. Iskcon leaders have approached Srila Narayana Maharaj to apologize for their offenses. Did we read about that on Chakra or on any official statement? Were the devotees in Iskcon informed that the leadership wants to change anything? Not to my knowledge. Their apology to Sri Pradyumna is an isolated case. Did they ask his advise about what to do now? Of course not. They just invited him to join Iskcon. Dollars, diplomacy and despotism. The same old story. The writing is on the wall. If you do not know yet, a leading law firm of able business giants who successfully litigated and received a $60,000,000.- Million dollar judgment from the Catholic Church is taking up the case. The Catholic church had been found guilty of hiding the abuse of two minors etc. etc.

But in Iskcon we have an entire labyrinth of abuse in all degrees and shades. If only five percent of the victims agreed to join together in this court case and the other Vaisnavas look on passively, we may see a court case arising which may attempt to extend its influence around the globe, embarrassing Vaisnavism.

Even if people in the dress of Vaisnavas commit crimes it should not be the cause of Vaisnavism in general to suffer. Already Srila Prabhupada had warned us in the Chaitanya Caritamrita that demons will dress as Vaisnavas and give trouble to the others.

We properly prefer to see every Vaisnava, despite of his shortcomings as a good person who has deviated and who we should try to help. Criminals have to be responsible before the court of law. Vaisnavas and Vaisnava institutions have no way to deal with them.

But what if they remove sincere Vaisnavas, hide their deviant activities and thus ruin the Vaisnava mission from within? What if their sidekicks or "birds of the same feather" have enough votes to keep even criminal people in highest positions.

Will we have to rely on "Karmis" to get rid of non Vaisnavas misusing Vaisnavas, taking down along with them the entire assets and fame built up by our spiritual masters?

Is this the price preaching in the west will have to pay?

Srila Prabhupada warned us about the court cases in the Gaudiya Math, about how to manage the properties after the departure of Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada.

Robin George haunted Iskcon for years, but what is being created now makes that case look like a fly next to a Dinosaur. It is to late to save your face now dear Iskcon leaders. You could have done so before.

Now there is only time left to save the good name of Vaisnavism on the whole and hopefully some of your cherished properties for true devotional service.

And even that you could only accomplish if you really start crying from the core of your heart and invite your brother Vaisnavas to join you in this mood.

Only if heartfelt repentance will manifest and all offended people can see that you are ready to renounce everything including your false prestige, ego and comforts to save Srila Prabhupada's work and the good name of Vaisnavas on the whole, only then will the hurt devotees remember that we should not drag our spiritual masters work to be cut to pieces.

I may appeal to them not to make a court case. I would not join such a court case, but I realize that that opinion of mine will not stop that court case from happening.

The tears of all the Iskcon leaders may be able to do so. Do not be foolishly misguided by slick attorneys that they will win this case for you.

You could not even win the case against Hansadutta which was even started by YOU in which you lost at least US$500,000, the right to Srila Prabhupada's original books, plus who knows what else.

Brothers and sisters . It is time to cry. That is not bad. Crying for Krishna is great. Otherwise, like Tripurari Maharaj once said: "The only good thing you can do for Iskcon is to get out and to start your own mission and show them how you can do something nice for Srila Prabhupada".

As one of the many founding members of the World Vaisnava Association, I see that problem of Iskcon to be very serious for all Vaisnava Missions, even if Iskcon has chosen to wait until today to recognize the existence of the WVA.

As a disciple of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, my heart is pained for all these years and now, I feel the last big test is coming which will make it or break it.

Even the loss of physical Iskcon properties to the defendants would not be the biggest problems in my eyes. The total abuse and exposition of that abuse by a secular court of the so called "protectors of religion" would pain the heart of my spiritual master more then I could tolerate.

Therefore, I simply beg all those who have some power and influence in Iskcon today to think carefully ahead and act with love and humility. Pride does come before the fall.

I also beg the victims of Iskcon to which I dare to count myself as one of them, to carefully consider that vengeance at this point would even burn down the house and the deities you would like to serve.

In Chile we already had a first class example of the power of secular courts and governments against the Samkirtan Movement of Srila Prabhupada. The GBC Sannyasi JJS with full backing of the others GBCs survived at least three attempts of all the temple presidents in his zone to get rid of him. This first class thief and abuser of all the devotees who illicitly gained riches in the garb of a Iskcon servant, kicked out the Chilean devotees who actually had the only credit to establish Vaisnavism in Chile. Outraged devotees went to the press and instead of attacking the thief JJS and the main supporter JPS, they attacked all of Iskcon.


The Government canceled the registration and refused to give any legal status to devotees in Chile until today. They confiscated all the assets of the devotees and harassed them as well.

The thief went off with his loot to get married and start a business in Paraguay. That same man was recently proposed by the GBC to head up the Latin American Iskcon council. Can you believe it?

Do you believe there are enough people to join the action suit against Iskcon? This was not the only time a Country retaliated to the devotees illegal activities by stopping Vaisnava activities all together.

Hridayananda Maharaj was responsible to get the devotees in Guatemala persecuted and prohibited because he ordered the temple president to do illegal activities. No need to give the details.

And how the movement of Srila Prabhupada suffered without government or court participation is seen all over the world. Only some people seem to be unable to see it. THE GBC and their good teams. Otherwise why do they not admit their faults and start crying and start rectifying their mistakes and give the appropriate recognition to all those devotees who were unjustly demonized over the years?

I submit all these consideration. I also pray that my own faulty vision may not prove to become manifest. But if it does you will not be able to say that you were not warned.

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