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March 1, 1999   VNN3201  

Sriman Mahaprabhu's Causeless Mercy At Sri Imli-tala


EDITORIAL, Mar 1 (VNN) — Bhakti Ratnakara writes in its fifth wave:

"See the plants and creepers on the Bank of the Kalindi , which are always fresh and beautiful. This is a very old Imli Tala tree.

Radha and Krishna enjoyed their pastimes here along with Their associates, Remembering His previous activities, Lord Chaitanya came here and sat in unlimited happiness.

Sometimes He would sit under the Amli Tala and float in His tears of ecstasy.

A place of transcendental bliss, this Imli Tala is where the Lord bestowed his mercy on Krishnadasa Rajputa.

Anyone who takes darsana of this Imli Tala will certainly has his aspirations fulfilled."

Under this tree of Imli-tala Radharani and Krsna meet during the pastime of Rasa-lila.

Feeling somehow neglected by Krsna, during the rasa-dance, Srimati Radharani leaves the rasa-stali, and taking the Mangali-road, She comes to this place of Imli-tala. Yet in Her absence, even though being surrounded by thousands of the most charming gopis, Krsna is not fully enjoying the dance either. Searching for Her, He finally finds Her at this place of Sri Imli-tala.

Here They meet again and their love becomes so intense that they become forgetful of their own identities. This is when Sri Caitanya made his appearance in this world. 'Sri Krsna caitanya radha krsna nahe anya' , This took place here at Sri Imli-tala. It happened at the banks of Yamuna, that Gaura tattva, the truth about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, revealed itself.

And then again, 5000 years later, when Mahaprabhu came to Vrindavan, He came here to this place of IMLI-TALA. Under this tree He sat, Yamuna flowed past Him right here. Here was just the Vrindavana forest. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu sat under the Imli-tala-tree, hiding Himself from the crowds who wanted to see Him, as He wanted to meditate over His pastimes. Here He remembered how He became one, from Radha-Krsna to Mahaprabhu. And in this meditation He became again two and became Radha and Krsna - yet only for one moment, then again He became Mahaprabhu.

This is very confidential. No one can understand it and it is not to be understood.

Sri Sri Radha - Krishna appeared as Sriman Mahaprabhu. Maha is Mahabhava, Srimati Radharani and Her intense feelings of love; and Prabhu is Govindaji Himself. Combined as the union of feminine and masculine divinity.

Molten gold of merciful Ashraya Vigraha has Visaya- vigraha in tight embrace. So that He will not be hurt when He faints in the pain of separation. The pastimes of Radha and Krsna at Sevakunja and Rasa-stali are the sweetest Madhurya -lila. But still, when this Madhurya-lila is taken to Imli- tala, a very special taste is added. Here Madhurya is being transformed into Audharya. Madhurya means sweetest experience of Love. And Audharya means unlimited distribution of that love. What is existing on the Highest level in Madhurya, explodes into Audharya, thus turning Kali Yuga into a festival, by opening the most sublime path to the most fallen - Dina Bandhu, Daya nidhi.

That is why through Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu Bhakti comes to the whole world: 'prthivite ache yada nagaradi gram...' - reaching every city and every village on the world - this is Audarya.

This is causeless Mercy.

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