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January 29, 1999   VNN2928  

Lord Nityananda Stood Speechless


EDITORIAL, Jan 29 (VNN) — Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara Jayatah!

Dear Vaisnavas, dandavat pranams. Today is the most auspicious appearance day of Lord Nityananda, about whom Lord Chaitanya Himself says: "I am revealing to you this truth, that Nityanandas body is more dear to Me than My own is to Me."
(Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya-lila chapter twelve, to Madhai)

Honoring this occasion we are sharing some transcendental nectar about the Lord with you. Happy praying for Lord Nityanandas mercy your servants from IMLITALA.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya 12.18

name nityananda tumi, rupe nityananda
ei tumi nityananda rama -murttimanta

Your name is Nityananda. Your form is also Nityananda, or full of eternality (Nitya) and bliss (ananda). You are Nityananda because You are Lord Balarama personified.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya-lila, chapter 4:

All glories to Lord Gaurachandra, the life and soul of all the living entities! May my memories constantly embrace His lotus feet.

Within His heart Lord Nityananda was certain that this Lord Viswambhara who stood before Him was none other than His beloved Supreme Lord. Overwhelmed with bliss, Lord Nityananda Prabhu was unable to move, He stared unblinking at the beautiful face of the Lord. With His tongue He wanted to taste the Lord's beauty and drink it with His eyes; He wanted to embrace Him with His hands and smell His fragrance with His nose. To everyone's amazement, Lord Nityananda stood speechless, completely enchanted by the Lord's beauty. Lord Gaurachandra is the Supersoul in everyone's heart, therefore He knew Lord Nityananda's heart. Thus He was planning a means by which to reveal Himself to Lord Nityananda. The Lord indicated to Srivasa Pandita to recite a verse from Srimad Bhagavatam. Srivasa understood, and immediately recited a sloka describing the beauty of Krishna. "At that time Krishna, dressed as a dancer, stepped into the forest of Vrindavana. A peacock feather was stuck in His crown. His ears were decorated with graceful dropping yellow earrings. His golden dress glistened and He was wearing the Vaijayanti jewel around His neck. That land which carried the impression of his lotus feet, marked with the signs of the conchshell, disc etc, is Vrindavana, His place of transcendental pastimes. He touched the flute to His lips and played on it.

Filled it with His nectarean sound. At the same moment His cowherd boy friends were describing His beauty."

As soon as Nityananda Prabhu heard this verse He fell down unconscious. While Lord Nityananda lay in ecstatic bliss, Lord Chaitanya advised Srivasa Pandita: "Read on, read on!"

After sometime Lord Nityananda Prabhu regained His external consciousness and began crying with tears of joy. The more He heard the verses the more it increased His mad love for Krishna. His ecstatic roaring filled the universe and pierced through the covering of this material world. Lord Nityananda jumped down, crashing to the ground, and everyone thought that the bones of His body were smashed. Seeing this, the Vaisnavas became very afraid and loudly uttered: "Krishna, please save Him! Krishna please save Him!" Lord Nityananda rolled on the ground, His body covered with tears of love. Long and frequent sighs escaped His mouth and He looked deep into Lord Viswambhara's face. Lord Nityananda felt great ecstasy, and often He laughed out loud.

Sometimes He jumped and danced, sometimes He wrestled, and other times He hung His head quietly. Lord Gaurachandra and all the devotees began to cry in joy seeing such total absorption and madness in love of Krishna. It became impossible for the Vaisnavas to hold Nityananda Prabhu still. When the devotees failed, Lord Viswambhara held Nityananda Prabhu in embrace. As soon as Lord Nityananda was embraced by Chaitanya He immediately became still. The Lord who He was totally surrendered to, now embraced Him, so Nityananda Prabhu allowed Himself to be held without endeavor. Lord Chaitanya flooded Lord Nityananda with ecstatic tears of love. Lord Nityananda Prabhu was afflicted with the arrow of ecstatic love of God and Lord Chaitanya held Him just as Lord Ramachandra had held Laksmana when He laid unconscious, drained of all strength. Both Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya wept, overwhelmed with joy.

The intensity of love between Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda Prabhu can be properly described only by the example of the loving relationship between Lord Ramachandra and Laksmana.

When Lord Nityananda came out of His ecstatic trance, all the devotees began loudly chanting Lord Hari's name. Viswambhara was embracing Nityananda Prabhu and Gadadhara Pandita smiled, thinking how Their Lordships roles had changed.

He thought: "Lord Nityananda Prabhu as Ananta Deva renders service to Lord Viswambhara by becoming the bed on which Lord Narayana always sits, but today His pride as a servitor has been broken, and He lies in Lord Viswambhara's embrace.

Gadadhara Pandita was well aware of Lord Nityananda's potencies, and the Supreme Lord Nityananda Prabhu knew the inner most thoughts of Gadadhara Pandita. All the devotees were jubilant on meeting Lord Nityananda and their minds were steeped in thoughts of Him. The ecstasy that Lord Viswambhara and Lord Nityananda experienced in meeting each other was impossible to be expressed through words, but it found expression in the continuous tears of joy from Their eyes that drenched the heart. Lord Viswambhara said: "This is the most glorious day in My life. Today I have been the embodiment of loving devotion to the Supreme Lord, which is the essence of all the four Vedas. Such intensity of ecstasy is only capable of being manifested by the Supreme Lord Himself. Those fortunate souls who were able to see His loving devotional symptoms will never be rejected by Lord Krishna. Now, I understand that You Lord Nityananda, are the fully fledged manifestation of the Lord's energy. You are non different from Him. The living entities can get loving devotional service at the lotus feet of Krishna simply by worshipping You. You purify the entire cosmic manifestation, and your transcendental nature is inconceivable, incomprehensible and esoteric. You are the personification of the highest ecstatic love of God. Even a moment's association with you can dissolve millions and millions of sins. I can understand that Lord Krishna intends to purify and redeem Me by giving Me Your association. It is my great fortune that I was able to see Your lotus feet. And I know that If I worship Your lotus feet, then I will surely receive love of Krishna."

Unaware of the passing of time, Lord Gaurasundara was totally absorbed in glorifying Lord Nityananda Prabhu. Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya had endless exchanges, but they were very confidential so they conversed in signs.

The Lord then asked Nityananda Prabhu: " I am hesitant to ask You which direction You came from." Lord Nityananda was always absorbed, and He spoke like an innocent, restless child. He understood that Lord Chaitanya had descended to this material world, thus when He replied, He did so with folded hands and great humility. He had felt very ashamed and shy when Lord Viswambhara was glorifying Him, and so through gestures, words and indications He explained everything in detail. Lord Nityananda Prabhu said: "I extensively toured all places of pilgrimage, but I could see only the place and not Krishna, the Supreme Lord. I asked some good people why their altars were standing empty. "I do not see Him in His own place, " I said. "Where is Krishna? Where did He go?" They all replied: "Krishna has gone to Gaudadesa, Bengal. He was in Gaya recently and not so long ago He returned to Bengal." When I came to Nadia I was greeted by jubilant chanting of the Lord's Holy name, and someone told Me that Lord Narayana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead had appeared here. I heard that in Nadia even the most wretched fallen souls can get liberation. Thus being such an abominable wretch, I have come here." Lord Viswambhara replied: "We are most fortunate that a devotee such as Yourself is amongst us now, and we are very grateful to the Lord that today we have seen Your ecstatic tears of love of God."

Murari Gupta smiled and said: "The confidential discussions between Lord Nityananda and Lord Viswambhara are incomprehensible to us." Srivasa Pandita said: "How can we understand all this? Their intimate exchanges are like Lord Hari's with Lord Siva, as they worshipped each other and increased the amazement of everyone." Gadadhara Pandita said: "You are quite right Pandita.

They seem to be exactly like Lord Ramachandra and Laksmana." Another Vaisnava said: "They are Lord Balarama and Lord Krishna." Someone else said: "I don't have much knowledge, but from what I have seen it appears that Lord Krishna has taken Lord Ananta Sesa in His arms." Someone else commented: "They are like two friends, Their loving affectionate exchange is just like the relationship between Krishna and Afjuna." Some others were saying: "They have such intimate association with each other that we can not understand it, and they are talking only in signs." Thus, the devotees expressed their joy at having Lord Nityananda amongst them, giving their different opinions.

Lord Nityananda Prabhu serves Lord Cheaitanya in every way- sometimes as a friend, sometimes as His umbrella, His bed or as His carrier. All these services can be rendered by Lord Nityananda alone. he serves Lord Chaitanya according to His own sweet desires. Others can also become eligible to serve the Lord but only by the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu. Lord Nityananda Prabhu's glories are unlimited, no one can fully know Him. Even Lord Sesa who is a great yogi, a pure devotee, and himself a controller in this material energy can not fully fathom the limits of Lord Nityananda's transcendental nature.

If one criticizes or offends Lord Nityananda Prabhu without knowing about all of His wonderful attributes, then algthough He is constitutionally an eternal servant of Krishna, he becomes forever rejected from the path of devotional service. Lord Nityanand is the object of Lord Chaitanyas complete love, and it is my heart's desire that that same Lord Nityanand resides in my heart as my most beloved Lord and Master. By His grace I have developed attachment and attraction for Lord Chaitanya. It is by His order that I write these wonderful pastimes of Lord Chaitanya. As there is no difference between Raghunatha, Lord Ramachandra, Yadunatha, ,and Lord Dwarakadisa. In the same way Lord Nityananda is nondifferent from Lord Krishna, or Lord Chaitanya Mahprabhu. One who desires to cross over this ocen of nescience and drown in the nectarine waters of love of Godheaad must take shelter of the lotus feet of Nitaichandra.

Whoever sings and glorifies this wonderful pastime will be blessed by Lord Viswambhara, along with his entire family. Lord Chaiatnya is the Supreme Pesonality of Godhead, the most beloved object of everyone's love. The name of Lord Viswambhara is ectremly rare and precious. Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Sri Nityanand Prabhu are my life and soul. I Vrindavan Dasa humbly offer this song at Their lotus feet.

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