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November 19, 1998   VNN2522  

Lord Jesus Christ Katha


EDITORIAL, Nov 19 (VNN) — Haribol, all glories to the assembled devotees. All glories to Lord Jesus Christ, Sri Krsna's most confidential servant. This is His season, so I humbly pay tribute to his mission.

Lord Jesus Christ did not advertise himself, he did not even care to hear his disciples describe him as "my good rabbi", deferring the title "good" to be applied only to the One Who sent Him. The perfection of relationship between God and man was, thus, nicely displayed for those who have ears. Jesus wants ABBA, ELOI, JAHOVIA, His dear most Father, advertised as the primary receptacle of our LOVE, to all segments of society, no matter whether one is of David and Solomon, or outside as Gentile, without desiring to become famous in His own right.

Sri Krsna is so pleased with the work of His only begotten Son (see the creator, Lord Brahma, begotten from the lotus) that this Son has become the most famous human being throughout history, so much so that even the Buddhist atheist must acknowledge, the whole world is talking millennium madness, year 2000, all based on the appearance of this simple carpenter's son who befriended the fishers of men. If this is not yoga, rasa, yoking, then yoga has no meaning.

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